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WIZZ MultiPass - the Hungarian airline's new subscription program
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WIZZ MultiPass - the Hungarian airline's new subscription program

Author: AirCashBack 25-04-2023

Wizz Air airlines is launching a complete revolution. The Hungarian carrier has announced the launch of a service that will forever change the way we think about air travel. It is launching WIZZ MultiPass, a new subscription system.


Wizz Air on the Polish market

Wizz Air is increasingly making its presence felt on the Polish market. The Hungarian carrier offers many interesting routes from Chopin Airport, as well as from Gdansk Airport. It has also recently introduced new routes to Turkey and Egypt. Due to the fact that the Polish market is very important in the Hungarian airline's operations, tests of a new subscription program will begin there in May this year.


WIZZ MultiPass - how the program works

According to the carrier's announcement, WIZZ MultiPass is a subscription program designed to enable passengers to increase their travel on board the Hungarian carrier's planes at attractive prices.

The pilot program is to be introduced in Poland and Italy. The principle of WIZZ MultiPass is simple: a passenger pays a fixed subscription rate for 6 months, under which he or she can choose a specific flight from a selected airport each month. The subscription can be started at any time, but the billing period will count from the beginning of the month.

WIZZ MultiPass is to be available in several variants, which we will be able to customize according to our needs. A one-way flight option will be available, or a booking that includes a return trip. In addition, it will be possible to purchase a ticket alone, a ticket with Wizz Priority service, 20kg baggage or the full option, i.e. a ticket with Wizz Priority and checked baggage.

According to the carrier's website, "Each month after successful payment, you will receive token(s) that can be exchanged for one-way or round-trip tickets on qualifying Wizz Air flights." An important note is that flights can be booked up to 5 days before the scheduled departure date.

WIZZ MultiPass cost

Unfortunately, there is still no official information on the cost of a particular subscription. However, according to Wizz Air's chief executive, it is expected to be a very attractively priced offer.

WIZZ MultiPass will also have a few limitations. There will be no possibility of early withdrawal from the subscription - it will be valid for 6 months after purchase. On the other hand, if we don't use a ticket for a flight in a particular month, unfortunately, the ticket will be forfeited. The WIZZ MultiPass service will also be assigned to a specific traveler - so it will not be possible to buy a ticket for a companion through it.

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