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A delayed or canceled flight can happen to anyone and can effectively derail our plans. It is worth remembering that if the flight disruption was the fault of the carrier, we can claim high compensation of up to 600 euros per passenger. However, seeking compensation for the flight on your own may prove problematic. This is because airlines are reluctant to consider individual requests from passengers and are not willing to pay compensation. That's why it's worth reaching out for help from companies that specialize in claiming airline compensation.

The ranking we have prepared of companies offering assistance in claiming flight compensation will allow you to choose the best option and increase your chances of receiving compensation.

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How does our ranking of offers work?

After completing the above form, you will receive a ranking of offers from companies that have been successfully helping passengers for years to obtain compensation for delayed or cancelled flights.
All of the companies included in the list provide services on a "no win - no fee" basis. However, their offers differ significantly from each other. This, in turn, affects the price of their services.
The ranking shows how much money you will receive in the event of successful resolution of the claim by a given company. This is the amount after deduction of commission.

Enlisting the help of professionals saves you a lot of time and increases the chances of successfully enforcing air compensation from the carrier. When choosing the right company, it is a good idea to take into account commission rates, quality of services, customer reviews, as well as efficiency in handling cases.

On the Polish flight compensation market, there are companies that offer varying commission rates for assistance in pursuing a claim. Most of them operate on a "no win, no fee" basis, which means that they are paid only if the case is successful.

  • AirHelp - AirHelp's commission is the highest on the market. The given company charges 35% of the compensation value for handling the case. However, if the case goes to court, the commission increases to 50%.
  • - the basic commission that charges is 29%. If the case goes to court it is increased to 44% of the value of the compensation.
  • Delayfix - Delayfix's commission is 25% if the case does not go to court. However, if it does, it increases to 40%.
  • Skycop - Skycop offers relatively high commission rates. This is because their basic commission is 36.3% of the value of the compensation, and this increases to 50% once the case goes to court.