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How does our ranking of offers work?

After completing the above form, you will receive a ranking of offers from companies that have been successfully helping passengers for years to obtain compensation for delayed or cancelled flights.
All of the companies included in the list provide services on a "no win - no fee" basis. However, their offers differ significantly from each other. This, in turn, affects the price of their services.
The ranking shows how much money you will receive in the event of successful resolution of the claim by a given company. This is the amount after deduction of commission.

What sets AirCashBack apart?

Low, fixed commission (25% gross)
regardless of whether the case is decided amicably or is resolved through the courts.
We pay the compensation obtained in EUR to clients in the selected currency
based on the current exchange rate. Contrary to some competitors, we do not use fixed exchange rates that increase the amount of the commission charged.
We pay our clients 75% interest
calculated by the court in the event of a successful outcome of the case. Most of our competitors keep interest data entirely to themselves.