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Delayed or cancelled flight?

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Delayed or cancelled flight?

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You can receive compensation for a delayed or canceled scheduled and charter flight, whether it is private or business.
2. We'll take care of everything
We handle your case throughout the entire claim settlement process. You do not have to waste time on "paperwork" - we take care of you from A to Z!
How do we work?
3. You receive the money
No entry fees! Our only remuneration is a commission (from 25% gross) payable only in the event of effective liquidation of the damage.
Why it's worth using our services
You save time and money by entrusting us with the recovery of the compensation due to you for a delayed or cancelled flight!

We issue a demand for payment to the carrier on your behalf

If the carrier refuses to pay compensation voluntarily, we will take your case to court and cover all related costs.

Our effectiveness results from our experience - we have been operating on the market since 2013.

If we fail to win your case, you lose nothing - we cover all costs. With AirCashback you can only profit.

Commission from 25% gross, charged only in the event of effective loss elimination.
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Highly recommended. The case dragged on for several months, but finally managed to get compensation from the carrier for a late flight. AirCashBack charges the lowest commissions on the market.

Łukasz Walkiewicz

My loss involved a charter flight from the Canary Islands in December 2022. For the first few months, I tried to claim compensation from the Czech airline on my own, which proved to be unsuccessful. Finally, based on the rankings on the Internet, I chose the services of AirCashBack in March 2023. I rate the customer service very highly. I was kept informed about the progress of my application. Finally, exactly a year after filing my claim, I received compensation to the indicated account.

Krzysztof Piotrowski

I turned to AirCashBack for a refund due to numerous positive reviews, and I was not disappointed! Not even 4 months have passed since the canceled flight and I received a positive ruling in my case. The cost of the service charged by the company is one of the lowest on the market. We should also mention that the communication is very good. If ever in need of this type of assistance I will again turn to them because it is worth it and I recommend it to everyone, of course!

Mateusz Rzepka

For a delayed flight of 4 hours in August, I received compensation the following February. The high amount in my account pleasantly surprised me, I did not expect it :) In fact, the company took care of everything from A to Z, I only filled out the documents and sent the necessary information. It was worth the wait. One can only wish for delayed flights and companies that deal with compensation ;) I thank the company and can recommend to others.

Magdalena Kupiec

I highly recommend AirCashBack. We had a complicated case involving a flight cancellation during the pandemic - the airline initially rejected the claim and AirCashBack won compensation for us. The procedure takes time - and you have to be prepared for that, but it's worth it.

Wojciech Klopotowski

In June 2022, I filed a claim against Lufthansa for a delay on a transcontinental flight. Losing hope for compensation, I forgot about the case, then almost two years later AirCashBack informed me that I had won the case and needed to provide an account number for the transfer of funds. 523€ has just been credited to my account. I highly recommend it!

Jacek Malachowski

Thanks to AirCashBack, I received compensation for a canceled flight. Reliable company, worth recommending. Only scans of tickets were needed, I did not have to do anything else, customer service is professional, and there is constant contact at every stage of the case. I am really glad that I came across AirCashBack, I recommend them 100%.

Ewelina Wijatyk