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Cross ticketing illegal - airline may not let you on the plane
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Cross ticketing illegal - airline may not let you on the plane

Author: AirCashBack 17-05-2023

According to a recent ruling by the Federal Court of Justice, airlines have the right to refuse to let you on board a plane if you have purchased an airline ticket for a round-trip connection and only want to take a return flight.

The story of the German passenger

A German passenger who had a ticket purchased on the Munich - Antalya - Munich route as part of an organized tour found this out. However, it turned out that he could reach Turkey on another flight, which he did. When he wanted to make the return trip using the originally purchased ticket, the airline refused to let him board the flight as part of the paid reservation.

At the same time, he was presented with the possibility of traveling on the flight in question if he paid for the ticket again. Significantly, the information in question was given to him only at airport check-in; he had not received any information from the carrier beforehand.


Federal Court of Justice ruling

The passenger took the case to court because he was convinced that the airline had behaved in an improper manner. However, the Federal Court of Justice agreed with the carrier and ruled that, as much as possible, the carrier had the right not to let the passenger board the plane and was not obliged to pay compensation. This is because any cross-ticketing action works against the airline.

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