We operate in accordance with European law.
The legal basis for our services are the provisions of civil law and the law of the European Union. Claiming flight compensation is possible on the basis of Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004. It lays down Community rules on the liability of carriers for a cancelled or delayed flight, as well as for passengers being denied boarding.
We handle both individual and group cases.
When filling out the form for claiming compensation you have the option of including passengers who travelled with you on the same booking. We only need a power of attorney signed by you to start a claim on their behalf.
We monitor aviation information and weather conditions
We monitor flight data and weather data from all airports and aircraft routes on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this information, we are able to determine whether there is actually a basis for claiming compensation for a cancelled or delayed flight, and we can exclude the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances that could constitute an exclusion from the possibility of claiming compensation.
We prepare the necessary letters and documents
We prepare the necessary letters and documents based on all information regarding your flight, taking into account relevant regulations and court decisions. We also exchange correspondence with the air carrier and national enforcement authorities on your behalf.
We have at our disposal an experienced legal team.
Our team consists of experienced lawyers. In the event that your compensation is not awarded immediately, they will determine what next steps we can take, and then prepare the necessary procedural documents.
We take payment only when the matter has been resolved successfully.
There are no additional fees for submitting a claim. We follow the principle of "NO WIN, NO FEE", which means we do not charge any fees if no flight compensation is awarded.

We cover all the legal costs.
It may happen that, despite strong arguments, the air carrier refuses to pay compensation. Then it will be necessary for us to refer the matter to the court. However, regardless of the outcome of the proceedings, we will cover all related costs.
We are always there for you.
If you have any questions for us or need help with a compensation issue, contact us . Our Customer Service Department will try to explain the issues you are interested in as soon as possible and solve your problem.
Have you had a delayed or cancelled flight?