What is AirCashBack?

AirCashBack is a company which specializes in obtaining compensation for losses incurred by clients of airlines. Our team of specialists, in-depth knowledge of the market and extensive experience in this area guarantee top-quality service to all our clients.

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What fees does AirCashBack charge?

You do not pay any preliminary or handling fees when signing the contract. Additionally, should your matter need to be pursued in court, we will cover all court fees. The only fee we charge is a 25 % gross commission on the value of your compensation.

We acquire the rights to remuneration only in cases when we obtain compensation. We then charge a commission of 25% of its gross value (if the claim can be settled amicably), or 39 % gross (if the claim for compensation requires a referral to court).

Commission table:

flight distance

less than 1500 km

(e.g. Berlin – Paris)

1500 – 3500 km

(e.g. Prague – Cairo)

more than 3500 km

(e.g. London – New York)


total compensation

€ 250

€ 400

€ 600


AirCashBack commission (25%)

€ 62,50

€ 100

€ 150


Client receives

€ 187,50

€ 300

€ 450

When can AirCashBack help me get flight compensation?

If your flight was:

- delayed by more than three hours,

- advanced by more than one hour,

- cancelled

- you have been denied boarding (e.g. due to overbooking).

Unfortunately, the procedure for handling claims against airlines is long, complicated and involves a lot of paperwork. Most passengers are discouraged by the tremendous hassle that they are faced with when seeking compensation. Insufficient knowledge of the law does not help here either. Consequently, people entitled to compensation often abandon their claims too quickly. Some of them, unaware of their rights, do not even file claims against the airline.

AirCashBack, a company specializing in airline passenger claims, offers professional legal assistance in seeking compensation. By referring your case to our specialists, you put the burden of the hard and complicated work required in the compensation process on us.

How do I sign a contract with AirCashBack?

All you need to do is complete the claim form and sign the power of attorney available online. Completing the form makes it clear-cut that you are concluding an agreement with AirCashBack for claiming flight compensation.

What steps will AirCashBack take after entering into a contract with me?

Immediately after submitting your claim, we will send an email to you containing confirmation of receipt of your claim. We will then analyse your submission in detail and – should it be necessary –contact you to ask for more information. After verifying your claim, we will initiate compensation proceedings. 


Upon successful completion of the proceedings, we will contact you again to inform you about the amount of the compensation. Finally, we will transfer your compensation less our fee to your bank account. If at any time in the course of the compensation process you are found non-eligible for compensation, we will immediately notify you of that fact.

Can I sign a contract with AirCashBack on behalf of a third party?

Yes, you can file a claim on behalf of third parties for whom a flight was booked on condition that they give their consent. Nonetheless, each person concerned will have to fill in, sign and email a scan of the power of attorney mentioned above. 

In what amount / currency will I be compensated?

We pay the obtained compensation to Customers (regardless of the currency in which the service will be provided by the carrier) in the selected currency, based on the current exchange rate. Contrary to some competitors, we do not use fixed exchange rates that increase the amount of charged commission.

To find out the amount of compensation (before its exchange into PLN) that will be paid out to you, see the answer to the following question: "What fees does AirCashBack charge?"

Why you ask for our bank account numbers individually? We reported our family in your form as an entity.

Each claim we adjust is processed and considered individually by competent authorities. Thus, decisions and payments of compensation granted to our Clients often occur in different time.

My co-passenger has already received compensation. When will I receive mine?

Each claim we adjust is processed and considered individually by competent authorities. Thus, decisions and payments of compensation granted to our Clients often occur in different time.

Why did it take so long to have my case referred to a Court?

Upon ineffective expiration of a term indicated to the carrier to prepare an answer to a payment request, your documentation is collected once again and filed with a competent court for further proceedings. This process requires a careful preparation of all documents, which often lengthens the time of instigating proceedings before Court.

I already filled out the form. Why you still don't have it in your database?

Taking too much time by filling out the on-line form or incorrect uploading of attachments may be the cause of the form not being saved in our system. If problems to fill out the on-line form occur again, please contact our Client Service.

How much time do I have to start claiming my damages?

AirCashBack accepts cases if it has not been longer than 3 years from the day of the occurrence (i.e. flight delay or cancellation or denied boarding); however, due to a shortened term of limitation based on a decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland of March 17, 2017 (limiting the possibility to adjust this category of claims before court to 1 year from the occurrence), we encourage our potential Clients to report their claims immediately without undue delay.

How high are your fees? If my case is taken to a court will I have to pay for it?

We operate based on a success fee. After receipt of a compensation payment we only collect commission. AirCashBack covers all costs concerning court or administrative proceedings, including the possible costs of failure.

What documents do I need to be able to claim my compensation?

In order to apply for airline compensation through us, you must complete the online claim form, sign the power of attorney contained therein and attach a copy of the travel document (ticket, boarding pass or contract with a travel agency).

How long will it take to get my compensation? What are the stages of the process?

Processing the application starts with a verification of documents received from the Client. Next, we send properly formulated requests for payment to the carrier. If the carrier does not reply or gives an unjustified negative response, we then refer the matter to the courts. This part of the proceedings usually lasts from 6 to 18 months - for reasons beyond our control, the time of claim adjustment at this stage may be extended (everything depends on the efficiency of the court's work). If the carrier does not respect the verdict of the court awarding the compensation to the customer, we refer the case to the bailiff.