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WizzAir's costly mishap - a technical error and thousands of canceled tickets
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WizzAir's costly mishap - a technical error and thousands of canceled tickets

Author: AirCashBack 26-06-2023

A technical error that recently happened to WizzAir airlines may cost them dearly. The surprisingly attractive ticket prices enjoyed by many travelers turned out to be the result of a mistake. The Hungarian carrier has canceled all purchases made, and passengers can claim compensation.


Extremely attractive offer

WizzAir is one of Europe's largest low-cost carriers. Its offer is used by many travelers every year. However, the latest offer that the airline presented on its app turned out to be surprisingly attractive. On May 18, when buying tickets on the app, it was enough to pay PLN 70 for a round-trip flight. As many as 80,000 people decided to take advantage of these attractive terms.

However, the day after buying the tickets, passengers received an email informing them that their tickets had been canceled. WizzAir cited a technical error and apologized for the situation. As it turns out, however, this may not be enough to close the case. Indeed, travelers can claim compensation.

Grounds for obtaining compensation

After examining the General Conditions of Carriage drawn up by the Hungarian carrier, it turns out that it has not reserved the possibility of cancellation in the event of a similar error.

Compensation for a canceled flight is granted on the basis of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of February 11, 2004. According to it, passengers can claim compensation if their flight was canceled less than 14 days before the scheduled departure date. This means that only in such cases will travelers be able to claim their rights.

WizzAir stressed that each case will be considered by them on a case-by-case basis to determine the existence of extraordinary circumstances.

If you have happened to a canceled flight, remember that you can claim high compensation! All you have to do is click on the button below or fill out the form available on our website and we will take care of the rest!

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