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Success Story - claiming compensation from LOT Polish Airlines for a cancelled flight from Poland to the USA
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Success Story - claiming compensation from LOT Polish Airlines for a cancelled flight from Poland to the USA

Author: AirCashBack 09-11-2022

The acquisition of Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft for the LOT Polish Airlines fleet has quickly turned out to be a misguided dream. Due to design defects, statistically, every fifth engine inspection ends with the aircraft being grounded. This has led to a situation where LOT often has to cancel scheduled flights at the last minute. Our clients have also experienced problems with this, as they only found out about the cancellation of their flight from Warsaw to Los Angeles at the airport. 

LOT's policy in facing problems with Dreamliners

The problems with Dreamliner aircraft has meant that LOT Polish Airlines decided to take a risk and raise the stakes for its passengers at the Boeing factory. Despite the inevitable discovery of a defect in one of the aircraft, LOT decided not to limit the number of flights, and consequently not to leave any aircraft in reserve, with the hope of  generating the highest profits.

AirCashBack clients' stories

Our clients – passengers on a flight from Warsaw to Los Angeles – were informed of the cancellation of their long-awaited trip to the USA whilst sitting on their suitcases. For obvious reasons, they could not count on LOT Polish Airlines to organize a replacement aircraft. At the same time, LOT did not feel responsible for the situation, refusing to pay compensation. So, we launched a legal offensive.

The dispute with LOT

The Polish carrier strenuously defended itself with the arguments that it was not responsible for the defective engine design and did not know at what point the aircraft would be out of service. In this way, LOT Polish Airlines even won the first round of the battle, which ended in a judgement favourable to the airline. However, we did not give up so easily, and on behalf of our clients, we appealed.

A successful resolution of the case

The court of second instance was no longer persuaded by LOT's justification, stating that a period of several years from discovering the existence of design defects in Dreamliner aircraft was sufficient time in order to prepare a contingency plan in the event of a defect. Our clients were awarded compensation in the amount of €600 per person, which they will be able to use for further trips abroad.
If you have also had a  delayed or cancelled flight where the carrier is at fault, remember that you can claim compensation. All you have to do is complete the claim form or click the button below, and we'll do the rest!

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