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Join thousands of the satisfied clients who've trusted AirCashBack and got
their compensation already. Do you know it can be up to 600 Euro per passenger?!

Prove that you know your rights!

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Your compensation in 3 simple steps

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1. Fill in
the form

You can claim compensation for scheduled and charter flights, both private and business!
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Our legal framework is Regulation 261 / 2004 of the European Parliament of February 11, 2004 establishing common rules of compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding, flight cancellations, or long delays of flights(over 3 hours).

The Law
is on your side. Trust the professionals and fill in claim form.
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2. We'll take care of everything

We conduct your case during the whole process of claiming damages on the "no win, no fee" basis. Don't waste your time on paperwork - we will look after it!

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3. Collect

On your compensation we collect
Some of our competitors have a habit of charging their clients a higher commission if their case has to be taken to court. In AirCashBack we find such a practice deeply unfair. If your claim has to be taken to court, we take the risk of conducting it completely free, always basing on our 'no win, no fee' rule. always
just 20,33 % commission(plus VAT tax). If we don’t obtain compensation for you, you don’t incur any costs at all!
Compensation table
Compensation € 250 € 400 € 600
Our commission always just 20.33% plus VAT tax
You receive € 187,50 € 300 € 450
For EACH passenger!
Compensation table

You're entitled to compensation if your flight was delayed more than 3 hours!

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Flight delay? Check if you
are entitled to compensation!

Are you still at the airport and have no access to a printer or a scanner? Or maybe you're home, ready to file your claim? Wherever you are, know your rights! Start your compensation proceeding now!


Claim your damages
in every country of the European Union

AirCashBack has become a respected brand. We operate within the territory of the European Union and have successfully obtained millions of Euro in compensations for our Clients!
Remember, AirCashBack operates on the NO WIN NO FEE rule –
we don't collect any fees for initiating or not winning your case.

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We asked our Customers: why do you like AirCashBack?

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  • Beata, Leszek & Sebastian Budny - zadowolony klient AirCashBack

    Delayed Flight 24h - 1200 Euro

    Our flight was delayed for almost 24 hours. Fortunately, after returning home we contacted AirCashBack. It was a good decision - ACB didn’t let us down. They immediately got to work, conducting our case successfully straight to the compensation payment. AirCashBack is a guarantee of professionalism and strong commitment you can rely on. I would like to recommend their services to everyone. Great thanks!

    Beata, Leszek & Sebastian Budny Wroclaw - Sharm el Sheikh, Air Cairo
    29.07.2014, SM 9918
  • Flight Delayed 5h - 250 Euro

    Compensation for Thessaloniki – Warsaw flight (July 2015) is on my bank account already. Thank you, AirCashBack! Now I can start planning my next holiday ;) If a flight delay ever happens to me again I’ll definitely give you a call. Best regards

    Janusz Błaszczyk Thessaloniki - Warsaw, Travel Service
    20.07.2015, QS 7491
  • Flight Delayed 5h - 600 Euro

    Great customer service! It’s a reliable company which has provided me with compensation for a delayed flight from New York. It’s worth recommending! You can truly rely on AirCashBack. In the beginning I even didn’t know about an opportunity for claiming such damages. Now, thanks to ACB I can start planning another vacation!

    Weronika Tratkiewicz New York - Warsaw, PLL LOT
    18.08.2015, LO 27

Answers to your most frequently asked questions

What is AirCashBack?

AirCashBack is a company which specializes in obtaining compensation for losses incurred by clients of airlines. Our team of specialists, in-depth knowledge of the market and extensive experience in this area guarantee top-quality service to all our clients.

Please keep reading to find out more :)

When and how can AirCashBack help me to obtain compensation?

If your flight was cancelled or you were not allowed on board the aircraft, you can usually seek compensation from the carrier. Unfortunately, the procedure for handling claims against airlines is long, complicated and involves a lot of paperwork. Most passengers are discouraged by the tremendous hassle that they are faced with when seeking compensation. Insufficient knowledge of the law does not help here either. Consequently, people entitled to compensation often abandon their claims too quickly. Some of them, unaware of their rights, do not even file claims against the airline.

AirCashBack, a company specializing in airline passenger claims, offers professional legal assistance in seeking compensation. By referring your case to our specialists, you put the burden of the hard and complicated work required in the compensation process on us.

What fees does AirCashBack charge?

You do not pay any preliminary or handling fees when signing the contract. Additionally, should your matter need to be pursued in court, we will cover all court fees. The only fee we charge is a 25% gross commission on the value of your compensation.

Working with us is completely risk-free for you. If we are unsuccessful in pursuing a claim on your behalf, you will not be required to cover any of our costs. 

Commission table:

flight distance

less than 1500 km

(e.g. Berlin – Paris)

1500 – 3500 km

(e.g. Prague – Cairo)

more than 3500 km

(e.g. London – New York)


total compensation

€ 250

€ 400

€ 600


AirCashBack commission (25%)

€ 62,50

€ 100

€ 150


Client receives

€ 187,50

€ 300

€ 450

How do I sign a contract with AirCashBack?

To become our client, simply fill out the claim form on our website. By filling out the form you enter into a contract with AirCashBack. Next, in order to enable us to seek compensation on your behalf, you will need to sign and scan a document granting us power of attorney, then send the scan to us by email (a template is available to download, fill in and print). 

Can I sign a contract with AirCashBack on behalf of a third party?

Yes, you can file a claim on behalf of third parties for whom a flight was booked on condition that they give their consent. Nonetheless, each person concerned will have to fill in, sign and email a scan of the power of attorney mentioned above. 

What steps will AirCashBack take after entering into a contract with me?

Immediately after submitting your claim, we will send an email to you containing confirmation of receipt of your claim. We will then analyse your submission in detail and – should it be necessary –contact you to ask for more information. After verifying your claim, we will initiate compensation proceedings. 

Upon successful completion of the proceedings, we will contact you again to inform you about the amount of the compensation. Finally, we will transfer your compensation less our fee to your bank account. If at any time in the course of the compensation process you are found non-eligible for compensation, we will immediately notify you of that fact.

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